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The Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency) provides real estate brokerage services such as the purchase and sale of real estate properties for residential, tourist, commercial, hand-crafting, and industrial use and of land and areas suitable for construction.
Thanks to the professionalism, confidentiality and experience accumulated over years of activity, clients are guaranteed services of consulting and assistance in:

  • Real estate brokerage,
  • Title searches,
  • Paperwork and transactions for sales and purchase, drafting and registration of contracts, and assistance through completion of the deed of sale,
  • Summary and analytical surveys and appraisals,
  • Offers of various products for real estate financing and security deposits for rentals
As part of the management of portfolios, it provides advertising in the local and provincial press and publication of advertisements on this website, ensuring that properties will either be purchased or sold.
Trusting the Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency) means optimizing research without wasting time, and with the certainty of attaining the expected result.

Servizi immobiliari In Toscana


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