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agenzia immobiliare sansepolcroThe Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency), has worked for years in the real estate market and, with the strength of its experience and reliability, represents this market in real estate purchases, sales, and rentals in the provinces of Arezzo and Perugia.

The strategic vision of the business, always a prerogative of management, allows the Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency) to operate with a perfect balance between dynamism and prudence in appraisals; these characteristics have allowed the agency to excel in the sector of brokerage and real estate sales and purchase..

Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency) is synonymous with reliability and professionalism. It offers complete and personalized service by qualified personnel, guaranteeing the best assistance in the preliminary consulting phases, research, and brokerage, as well as in the final phases of contract stipulation and notarial deed.

Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency) offers a complete consulting service that begins with market research intended to analyze the feasibility of investments through the comparison of values, costs, and profits to post-sale assistance, protecting the client in all phases of investment.

Fine Tuscan Décor

Ristrutturazioni e decorazioni in Toscana architettura interniFine Tuscan Décor is a service offered by the Agenzia Immobiliare Polverini (Polverini Real Estate Agency), made possible by the knowledge of professionals and firms operating in the interior architecture sector.
The objective of this service is to carry out the necessary “turnkey operations,” proposals, and work contracts for interior finishing and provision of furnishings made to measure in Italy and abroad.

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Sansepolcro and the Valtiberina

Sansepolcro Valtiberina ToscanaThe city of Sansepolcro (Arezzo) is located at the edge of Tuscany, at the border of Marche and Umbria. It is at the feet of the Central Apennines in the upper Valtiberina. A historic center with a long tradition, even until our time it has maintained its nature as a city of authors, profoundly linked to the greatest son of this land: Piero della Francesca.

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